Awards 2022

Mr David Addis, Royal British Legion, North Somerset

Mrs Barbara Alderson, St Catherine's Hospice, West Sussex

Mrs Muriel Bremner, Victoria Hospice, Hackney

Mrs Gillian Clark, The Myton Hospices, Warwick

Mrs Irene Constable, Colostomy UK, Berkshire

Mrs Lorraine Crothers, Northern Ireland Hospice, Co Antrim

Mrs Jean Darlaston, Dogs for Good Charity, Oxfordshire

Mrs Nesta Evans, The League of Friends of Llandovery Hospital, Llandovery

Mr Christopher Freeman, The Children's Trust, Surrey

Mr Terry Frost, The Not Forgotten Association, London

Mrs Sarah Gardner, Serving Our Superheroes, Uxbridge

Mrs Maureen Harwood, The National Association of Women’s Clubs

Mrs Sue Hatton, Colostomy UK, Berkshire

Mrs Anne Hinds, Saint Joseph‘s Hospice, Hackney

Mrs Audrey Isaac, North Devon Hospice, Devon

Mr David Kitching, Samson Centre for MS, Surrey

Major Colin Miller, Durham Army Cadet Force Band & Bugles

Mr Gerald Peaty, St Luke’s Hospice, Essex

Mrs Fiona Pugh, St Wilfrid’s Hospice, West Sussex

The Reverend Anne Rigelsford, HomeStart Cambridgeshire

Mrs Samantha Robinson, Army Cadet Force Charitable Trust, London

Mr Robin Sherwood, Lewis-Manning Hospice Care, Dorset


The Distinguished Community Service Medal for Cadets was conferred upon:

Cadet Sergeant Charlie Karim (County Durham)

Cadet Sergeant Bella Low (Liverpool)

Cadet Sergeant Daniel Reeve (Suffolk)

Cadet Corporal Tamara Telford (Cumbria)

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